10 Cute AF Gifts Perfect For People Obsessed With Stationery

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We all have a friend who has an unfathomable obsession for stationery. They’ve got a huge pencil case full of gel pens of every color in existence and a fancy planner adorned with washi tape and sticky notes. It may seem impossible to buy them a gift, but that’s not true. When you’re addicted to stationery, there really is no limit to the amount of goodies you can have. Here are 10 cute AF gifts perfect for people obsessed with stationery!

1. A set of these huggable dino sticky notes

Who says that only teddy bears can be cuddly? These cute little dinos can bright up anyone’s day.

Buy it here.

2. One of these aesthetic checklist pads

They’re so pretty; how can you get just one? These also have sticky backings, so you can stick ’em anywhere you want.

Buy it here.

3. An adorable little traveler’s journal

So simple, yet so chic! These journals come with mini notebooks and a card organizer. When you’ve filled up the notebooks, you can replace them with brand new ones.

Buy it here.

4. A plateful of macaron sticky notes

Look how realistic these are! If only you could eat them…

Buy it here.

5. This cute little animal popup card

Regular cards are so boring when you can get popup ones.

Buy it here.

6. A gorgeous galaxy gel pen

Get lost in the stars! These are probably the prettiest pens I’ve ever laid eyes on!

Buy it here.

7. A mini Sephora gallery of stickers

Find your favorite makeup products in this sheet of stickers! It would be so cute to add this to a planner or journal.

Buy it here.

8. This set of retro cassette tape bookmarks

These magnetic bookmarks will keep you in style, always.

Buy it here.

9. A cactus canvas pencil case

No matter how prickly they are, cacti never fail to be cute! The only thing cuter than a cactus is a cactus pencil case.

Buy it here.

10. A fruity plush gel pen

So soft and squishy! The plushie top doubles as a stress ball too, for those of you who need a quick therapeutic regimen during school or work! 😉

Buy it here.

Hand holding assorted plush fruit gel pens 6 designs

What do you think of these cute AF stationery gifts? Let us know in the comments!

6 Comments on “10 Cute AF Gifts Perfect For People Obsessed With Stationery”

  1. Oh dear! I am the type of person who loves to collect these little things but wants them to stay pretty and cute so I almost never use them, lol. My favorite are the Macarons (hello, baker here) but my daughter is totally addicted to Sephora and would love that set 😉

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