10 Signs That Stationery Is Your One True Love

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10 Signs That Stationery Is Your One True Love

You know who you are. Your long-term affair with stationery is probably not as subtle as you think it is. These are 10 signs that stationery is your one true love that you know you do.

1. Your friends may collect cool objects, but you hoard stationery.

Gems? Rare coins? Nah–pens and notebooks and sticky notes is where it’s at.

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2. You lose track of time at stationery stores.

Gotta look at EVERY. SINGLE. PRODUCT. No exceptions!

3. You lie about having a spare pen because you don’t want anyone else to use your stationery.

It’s not the same pen anymore after it’s been used by someone else.

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4. You own pens and highlighters in every shade possible.

But of course, there’s a difference between a navy blue felt-tip pen and a midnight blue brush pen!

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5. You have to mentally prepare yourself before making your first pen stroke in a brand new notebook.

‘Cause if you mess up, you’ll have to buy another notebook. That’s the logic, right?

6. You rate pens on a scale of how nice they make your handwriting look.

You’re also jealous of people who have stunning handwriting regardless of the pen they use.

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7. You get excited about back-to-school season for all the stationery sales.

It’s your turn to splurge!

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8. You cringe when someone tears a page out of a notebook.

Perhaps there should’ve been a trigger warning for this point!

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9. You’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on stationery that you “needed”.

But like, the risk of not having something you need to use immediately is too big a risk!

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10. You can spend hours upon hours watching calligraphy videos.

Yes, calligraphy videos trump cat videos.

Is stationery your one true love?