10 Stationery Products Every Cactus Lover Must Have

In Stationery by Crystal Lam

Succulents are totally in and you know you just can’t resist those precious, prickly little cacti. They’re the best plants ever, right? Here are 10 cactus stationery products that every cactus lover must have!

1. A cactus monthly planner to keep you organized for the next 12 months.

The undated layouts allow you to start planning any time of the year, and the waterproof cover is spill-resistant!

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2. A jumbo cactus pencil case to hold your entire pen collection.

You can choose whether you want a black or a white case! The wrist strap makes it easy to zip and unzip, as well as allows you to carry your pouch easily. And yes, it definitely holds more than just pens and pencils!

Jumbo cactus pencil case black and white flatlay

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3. A cactus canvas pencil case to hold all your bare essentials.

Of course there are alternatives if the jumbo pencil case is too much for you. You can choose from three design options depending how how much of your cactus love you want to display!

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4. These cactus and succulent gel pens to fill your pencil case with.

A bold but cute way to display your cactus obsession during class or a meeting.

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5. A set of cartoon cactus sticky notes.

Plaster them all over your journal, laptop, or walls…whatever pleases you!

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6. A cactus hardcover notebook to record your thoughts, notes, and to-do lists.

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7. Even more cactus sticky notes, because how could you have enough?

Really though, you know you’re a real cactus addict when there’s no upper limit to how many cactus sticky notes you have.

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8. A set of cactus gel pen that doubles as desk decor.

Keep them in a mason jar as a pen holder, and you’ve got yourself a fancy looking piece!

Cactus Gel Pens Held In Hand

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9. A roll of succulents and cacti wash tape.

Whenever your bullet journal or notes need some cheering up, add some of this washi tape!

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10. A cactus tote bag to carry all of your cactus journaling supplies!

Of course, you’ll need something to hold your entire collection together.

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Which of these cactus stationery products are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!