7 Stationery Products Every Giraffe Lover Must Have

In Stationery by Crystal Lam

Giraffe are so cute, and they’re even cuter when they’re on stationery products. Here are 7 stationery products every giraffe lover must have!

1. A pack of giraffe puffy stickers to reconnect with your childhood.

These cute and fun stickers are essential to any giraffe lover’s sticker collection.

Giraffe Animal Puffy Stickers Flatlay

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2. A giraffe sketchpad for your doodling needs.

It comes in two different sizes (14×21 and 19×26). They come in either 60 or 80 durable sheets, depending on the pad size, which is perfect for sketching.

Cartoon Giraffe Ballpoint Pens Giraffe Option

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3. A cartoon giraffe ballpoint pen for doodling.

There are four available colors and designs to choose from. Dance your way across the page with these happy looking giraffes.

3 Colors of Cartoon Giraffe Ballpoint Pens

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4. A sheet of patterned giraffe stickers to brighten up your journal.

These little giraffe stickers may be small, but they have a powerful ability to light up any boring page in your journal. This is perfect for when you’re feeling lazy!

Cartoon Animal Stickers Giraffe

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5. A colorful and dreamy giraffe notebook.

Choose from 4 design options! It has a ribbon bookmark to keep your place. Every page on the inside is decorated and colored. Say goodbye to boring old white paper!

Hand holding Starry Night Giraffe Notebooks

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6. A pack of pastel giraffe ballpoint pens to write in your journal with.

There are four pretty colors: blue, purple, pink, and yellow.

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7. A giraffe doodles journal to keep all your daily thoughts.

This journal comes in two different sizes as well as four colors. It has an assortment of black and white as well as colored pages. Both sizes are small enough to be able to fit in a purse, so you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

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Which of these giraffe stationery products are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!